Crafter Points

Crafter Points are one of the ways we keep track of how engaged you are in the community. However, they aren't just a status symbol, they have real cash value.

How To Earn Crafter Points

You can earn crafter points in lots of different ways, and the list will grow as time goes on. Here are the current ways of earning crafter points:

Description Points Earned
Buy stuff in our  shop. 1 point for every $.01*
Record a video tutorial and publish it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The tutorial must be related to TGC and not about a specific game (for example, showing how to use the TGC site, or how to create files for uploading to TGC, or how to automate game design in Photoshop, etc.) 10,000**
Build something using our  API 10,000+**
Take us upon our  Designer Table Sponsorship offer. 5,000**
Get a professional review of your game. 1,000**
Get a professional review of your game that also mentions us. 2,000**
Get a professional review of your game that also links to us. 5,000**
Put up a TGC poster in your local game shop and send us a photo. 10,000**
Cross publish our  news feed on your web site. 5,000**
Build a web site to promote your games, and then provide links to purchase your games in our shop. 5,000**
Buy them. Unlimited
Art Test voting 100

* Taxes, shipping costs, and other fees not included.
** Pending our approval.If you have done something you think worthy of earning you some crafter points,  tell us about it

How To Spend Crafter Points

Now that you have some crafter points, what can you do with them? There are currently two things you can do with crafter points: use them for discounts, and use them to promote your games.


In your account you can convert crafter points to shop credit. This will allow you to get discounts on merchandise in the TGC Shop. 10,000 crafter points is worth $1.00 in shop credit.

Featured Status

You can spend 1,000 crafter points to  feature your game in the shop for one day. Featured games stand out in the shop. They're placed on the front page of the shop, and have a special searchable designation. They also get a special border in the search listings anywhere they are displayed. This special designation will help you stand out from the crowd, and sell more games. 

Showcase Status

You can also do a variant of Featured Status called Showcasing your game. That's the large graphic that appears on the front page of our site. That costs 2,000 crafter points per day.

Contest Voting

Our  game design contests have a voting period that requires you to spend crafter points to vote for games you like. The games with the most points move on to the semi-finals.

Idea Voting

If there is something you want The Game Crafter to do, you can  submit an idea and then the community at large can vote on that idea using crafter points. The best ideas get pushed to the top of our todo list.

Posting Announcements

We have a  community blog where you can post any story you like. Some people post announcements of game releases, some post tutorials, some post about crowd funding campaigns. It costs 200 crafter points for each post.

Perks at Gamer's Remorse

You can spend crafter points on the   review queue at Gamer's Remorse. This allows you to adjust the position of a game in their review queue, and even add perks like making them wear a costume for the review.

Promoting on Social Networks

The Game Crafter has lots of followers on its various social networks. You can spend 10,000 crafter points to do a one-time  promotion to our followers on each of them.

 Bidding in Community Auctions

You can bid crafter points in  community auctions to win special items, perks, and services that The Game Crafter doesn't normally make available. 

Art Tests

For 15,000 crafter points you can get 100 opinions on the artwork in your game via our  art testing service.

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