Artists and Illustrators

Adelheid Zimmerman
A freelance illustrator, designer, maker, gamer, and geek residing in beautiful Madison, WI. My style blends physical and digital media to produce an organic aesthetic that draws from art nouveau, 16th century woodblock printing, and modern comics. Check out my portfolio to see if my style would be a good fit for your game.  Contact Me

Alisha Volkman
Alisha is the artist behind games like  ParkiesWar Torn, and Midnight Zombie Marathon. She has been an artist her whole life and has experiences from app games all the way to website design.  She likes to be an artist of all trades, working as an illustrator and often a graphic designer. She hopes to expand into animation in the near future.   Check out my portfolio

Kalli Williams
Kalli is a designer and illustrator with experience in print and digital board games including  To Make A dollar, Panasonic's Home Team app, and a suite of over 30 digital games for STEM Fuse. Kalli is available not only for illustrations but overall game art, layout, and even selecting which pieces would work best for your game.  Check out my portfolio

Katie Khau   
I am a designer and illustrator from Illinois with multiple board game projects under my belt. My specialty is vector illustrations but I also have experience doing graphic design, logo design and creating websites.   Check out my portfolio

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