The Game Crafter game editor has some built in tools to help you promote your game to more people. To start promoting your game, you first have to publish your game. Then you'll see a "Promote" button become available.

Featured Status

You can make your game a featured game in the shop by spending  crafter points. It costs 1,000 crafter points per day to feature your game on the site.

Once you've featured your game, it has a random chance to appear on the front page of the site, and the front page of the shop. It will also be added to the featured games listing. And it will have a "Featured" ribbon added to it everywhere in the search results. This will give your game many more views than would normally be possible. After that, it's up to your images and your game description to get the user to add it to their cart.

Showcase Your Game on The Game Crafter

Adding your game to our Showcase costs 2,000  crafter points per day. Your game will be displayed at the top of The Game Crafter home page and shop pages and it will rotate with up to 6 other other games that are participating in the Showcase. If there are more than 6 then every 15 minutes the system randomly selects 6 games from the list of Showcased games and shows them in random order.  (The white box and arrow below indicate the location of the Showcase.)

There are several rules for participating in the Showcase. They are as follows:

  • You have to sell at least 10 copies of your game.
  • You must get your game reviewed by an independent third-party reviewer such as Father Geek or The Gamers' Table. And you need to receive a positive review.
  • You need to have eye catching artwork.
  • Your game logo must be a transparent logo that contains the name of your game only (for more information, please visit

When you have met all of these criteria, you can apply to participate in the Showcase. Edit your game and click on the promote button. Then you'll be able to click on the Showcase button to apply.

Promote on Facebook

The Game Crafter has lots of followers on Facebook. If you spend 10,000  crafter points we'll allow you to promote your game to our followers.

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