Game Submissions

There are many game publishers and contests that have open game submissions. This page is our attempt to highlight some of the opportunities that exist for independent game designers like yourself.

Board Game Publishers

Victory Point Games Once you feel like your documentation and prototype represent your Basic Game Design Concept appropriately, send your Concept Document to us at This gives them a brief introduction to your game without any real details so they can determine if they’re interested in taking a closer look at your design. They don’t have the time to look at every Design Document or Physical Prototype and they don’t want to waste your time or money by having you send them out unless they are truly intrigued, so the short Concept Document is a great way for them to gauge that potential.

Marbles the Brain Store  Game publisher/retailer with 28 locations around the United States. Submission form located at Submissions reviewed daily by their game experts.  When interested, their team will follow-up to ask for a sample to play-test in-house. When games are not a fit, they are added to their "Potential Future Game" database, which is reviewed 2-4 times a year in case something becomes a fit as the store model grows and changes.  Additionally, if new game designers are looking for feedback on their game (ie. people to play-test for them and give honest feedback), they can also e-mail us at:

Board Game Design Contests

The Game Crafter - Yes, that's right! The Game Crafter community hosts several game design contests each year and there are always open contests for you to participate in. Most of the games that have won design contests at The Game Crafter have signed publishing deals and/or successfully funded a crowd funding campaign.  

Who's Got Game - Sponsored by Marbles The Brain Store. Yearly game design contest with prizes that include $2,000 cash, 5% royalty, mass production of the game that will be sold in Marbles' 28 retail locations, and announcement of the winning game. 

Ion Award Competition - This is a yearly game design competition hosted at SaltCON in Layton, Utah, USA. The Ion Award is for any game designer with an unpublished game and is designed to be a great way for game designers to meet publishers.

The Geekie Awards - This is an annual awards show that is hosted in Hollywood, California in August. There is a Tabletop Games category and open submissions are usually allowed until the end of May. Nominees are given two free passes and there are plenty of opportunities for media attention.

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