How much will my game cost?

The best way to find the cost of custom printed components for your game would be to build a quote in our system.

1. First, click on "Make" at the top of the screen.  Then, select "Pricing" from the drop-down list. 

2. Next, click on "Build a Quote."

3. You will be prompted to sign in, create an account, or proceed with making the quote as a guest.  (Signing in or creating an account is the best way to go, as it is a quick and easy process and will be easier to proceed with creating a game this way.)

4. Next, you'll be prompted to enter a name for your quote.  You can then click on the "Start Quote" button.

5. Once in the Game Quote screen, you can select the components that you wish to include in your game.  Along the left side of the page, you'll see different component categories listed.  Click on a category to see components from that category.

6. To add a component to your quote, click on the "+ Add to Quote" button next to the component.

7. You will then enter the quantity of this component that you wish to include in your game.  For some select components, you may also be able to choose a finishing option for that component only.  

8. When adding items such as cards, you'll be asked to enter the total number of cards of that type for the game.  (For example, if your game will contain two decks of 20 poker cards each, you would enter "40" in the Quantity field.)

9.  When you're done adding components to your quote, you can select surfacing options that will be applied to all eligible products in your game. Click on the "Surfacing" category the left side of the screen, then change the fields to "Yes" for the options you wish to select.

10. You can see the total cost of your game at any time by clicking on "Quote" on the left side of the screen

10. On the Quote page, you'll also see options to "Create this Game" or "Download this Quote."

If you click on "Create this Game," our system will create the game for you in our system, and take you directly to that game under your account.  

If you click on "Download this Quote," the system will automatically download a spreadsheet to your device containing information about your quote. 

The quote will include the type of component you selected, the quantity, the component's dimensions, and a direct link to that component's product page on our site.  It will also show the total cost for one game copy.  

Some things to note:

  • The quote will not include the cost of any stock components.  You can find pricing on all of our Stock Components in the parts shop. 
  • The quote will not include the cost of laser movement/cutting for products such as custom punchouts, custom cardstock, and acrylic shapes.
  • The quote will assume that all sides of custom parts (such as meeples and dice) will be printed/engraved.

You can watch a tutorial about how to download templates for your game here:

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You can watch a tutorial about how to order your game here:

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