How to Export Files from Adobe Illustrator

If you use our Adobe Illustrator templates to create your image files, but the files don't export correctly, or you find that your images are not sized correctly, you may be running into a rounding issue with Illustrator.  Please use the following the below process to adjust your program settings, this can help ensure your files save correctly:

1) Select the Artboard tool from your tool bar.

2) In the top tool bar, set the Reference Point to the top left, by clicking on the small top left corner box. 

3) Unlock all your layers and then Set X and Y to 0.

4) Save your Illustrator file. Then click Export, and then Export As. Select PNG as your file type. Make sure to check "Use Artboards" on the same window that you name your file. 

5) Click Export. 

6) Select 300 DPI , white or black for the background color, and select OK.

That will provide you a PNG that is all set for uploading. These setting changes should remain as your default until the program is updated, or the cache is cleared.

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