Advanced Formatting

Our formatted editor is used in the game editor, crowd sale editor, and in community announcements. Its basic functionality is documented right in the editor. This guide represents all of the editor's formatting functions.

Basic Text Formatting

Bold **bold** bold
Italics __italics__ italics
Strike Through ~~strike~~ strike
Quote > A penny earned.
A penny earned.
Horizontal Rule ---


NOTE: It is possible to do a level 1 heading as well, but generally there should only be one level 1 heading per page and the page will automatically generate it for you. You can screw up your search engine ranking if you use more than 1 level 1 heading.

Heading 2 ## Welcome


Heading 3 ### Welcome


Heading 4 #### Welcome


Heading 5 ##### Welcome
Heading 6 ###### Welcome


Unordered List + foo
+ bar
  • foo
  • bar
Ordered List 1. foo
2. bar
  1. foo
  2. bar


Auto Link The Game Crafter
Formatted Link [My Custom Title]( My Custom Title
In-Page Target {{gohere}}
Link to In-Page Target [Jump To Section](#gohere) Jump To Section

Justified Image (right or left) ![some image]( right)

Linked Image [![Alt text](](



You can even create your own tables. You'll start by formatting it to look nice like this:

| Fruit         | Color           | Price  
| ----------- |:-------------:| -------:
| Apple       | red              | $3        
| Orange    | orange        |   $12    
| Pear        | green          |    $1    
You don't need to make everything line up perfectly. Note the colons. A colon on both sides of the line means that the column will be centered. A colon on just the right side means that it will be right justified.

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