What is The Game Crafter?

The Game Crafter is a print on demand board game publisher. Our website allows anyone to create their own board game, card game, or custom playing cards. Game designers have a lot of flexibility and can build out their game with playing cards, game boards, tiles, game pieces, rules documents, and custom packaging. When the game is ready the designer can purchase 1 copy or as many as they'd like and The Game Crafter prints and ships the game. Since we are a print on demand game publisher, there are no minimum orders and you only have to purchase what you need.

In just 8 years, The Game Crafter community has grown to over 240,000 users and it continues to grow at over 2000 new users each month! Our users have been very busy creating over 85,000 different game titles on our servers, 7,000 of which are self-published and available for purchase in our online shop.

Watch a video interview below with the CEO of The Game Crafter, JT Smith. He talks about The Game Crafter's print on demand game publishing service and the awesome game design community that surrounds it.

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