DPI (dots per inch)

DPI or dots per inch is not relevant to designing images for The Game Crafter because we give you the measurements of all of our images and templates in pixels rather than inches. However, it can be useful for design purposes. 

We print everything at 300DPI, which means there are 300 pixels in every inch. So if you need something to measure 1/4", then it would be 75 pixels. That's a good number to know because we require 1/8" for bleed and 1/8" for the safe zone on our templates. Therefore, if you have your important content 75 pixels (aka 1/4") from the edge of the image, then you know you're inside the safe zone.

Please note that some programs use different DPI.  For example, Illustrator uses 72 DPI, and Inkscape often uses 90 or 96 DPI.  It's a good idea to verify what DPI your image editing program is using before you start creating your images.  

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