Spot Gloss

Spot Gloss is a surfacing option you can apply to game boards, and provides a really professional and interesting dimension to the board. It allows you to make some parts of the board glossy, while the other parts remain matte. To use this feature, you'll go into the game editor and edit either a quad or six-fold game board.

Note*: Spot gloss is not the same as our UV coating. Adding a UV coating to your game will not add the UV coating to boards that have the option of spot gloss. If you do not add a gloss option when creating your board it will have a matte finish.

Once there you will choose "Spot Gloss" as the surface treatment. This will enable you to upload a second image to overlay over your main image.

The second image must be 100% black where you want the gloss to appear and white where you want the print to remain matte. 

****Please note that none of these surfacing options are compatible with dry-erase markers.  

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