Embedded Games

We offer the option to embed a game into another game.  This means that you can have one packaged "game" (the embedded game) placed into another, larger game (the main game).  

Here are some scenarios where a game designer might wish to embed a game:

  1. To put decks into tuck boxes within a larger game box
  2. To keep decks separated so that customers don't need to sort them (note that the cards in those decks cannot be sorted in any particular order)
  3. To create a deluxe version of a game (for example, a version that contains the original game plus an expansion and/or bonus content)
  4. To create a legacy or escape room game that has components that must be packaged/hidden so that there can be a big reveal
  5. To put booster packs into a booster box
  6. To add a surfacing option (such as UV coating or linen texture) to specific components within a game, rather than every eligible component in the game.

There are some limitations:

  1. Only one layer of embedding is allowed.  A game can be embedded into another game; however, a game that has a game embedded in it cannot then be embedded into another game.  
  2. You'll pay the handling fee of $0.89 for the embedded game as well as the handling fee of $0.89 for the main game.
  3. There is no sheet-sharing for components between the embedded game and the main game.
  4. Parts from the embedded game and the main game are not combined for bulk quantity discounts.  For example, if the embedded game contained five pawns, and the main game contained five pawns, you would not receive the 10+ quantity discount. (You will still receive a bulk discount if either the embedded game or the main game contains 10 or more of a part.)

How to Embed a Game:

Here's the process to add an embedded game to the main game:

First, create the game that you wish to embed in another game.  

Next, click "Add Embedded Game".

Select the game you wish to embed from the list of your games, and click "Embed":

You will see this game's information appear on the right side of the screen.  You can then adjust the quantity as desired, edit the game, or remove it as an embedded game.  


Does an embedded game have to be in a box?  

No.  If the embedded game does not include a box or another type of bag, it will be banded with a paper band.  

Will the embedded game be shrink-wrapped?

If the embedded game includes its own box, it will be shrink-wrapped. Any game that includes a box will be shrink wrapped (with the exception of booster packs and clear plastic tuck boxes, which cannot be shrink-wrapped).  

If both the embedded game and the main game are available for sale, will my embedded game get credit for sales of the main game as well?


Can I order empty Booster Packs and fill them myself?

Yes. If you make a game that contains booster packs and no cards or other items then the booster pack will arrive with just one end sealed and the other end open. If this is what you want, then make sure to specify in the shipping notes of your order that you want open packs.

Do my embedded games get sales incremented when the main game is purchased?

Yes. When the main game is purchased, the embedded games will also earn incremental sales.

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