Custom Color Printed Dice

Now you can make full color custom-printed D4, D6, and D8 dice at The Game Crafter! 

To do so, you'll just upload full-color images like you would with any of our other products. That said, there is a special process for printing white on the dice.  You can find detailed information about how to create your dice at

**Note** It is very important it is to have a high-quality PNG image with no jpeg artifacts and minimal anti-aliasing. This means that the edges of your image elements are crisp and don't have any blurry areas.

**Note** If your dice include a blank side(s), you cannot designate Side 1 as the blank side (as this side will always be printed).  Make sure to uncheck the blank side number from the "Which sides have art?" section.

**Note** We highly recommend buying 1 copy of each item (per image), and checking that the images look the way you want in print before ordering more items. (Because we have no minimum order requirements, you can order only one item if you wish.)

D6 intended layout:

D4 intended layout:

D8 intended layout:

Special White Color Process

Anything white in your normal image will actually come out clear on the dice, so it will show the underlying color of the dice through that space. If you actually want to print white, then you need to use a color other than pure white (#FFFFFF) in your image.  For example, you could use #FFFFFE or #FEFEFE instead.

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