Shop Images

Shop images are used in the shop view of your game, in search results and game browsing. The templates for the various shop images are below.


The Shop Ad is used throughout the site to advertise your game to game buyers that visit our site. This is your first and best chance to get someone to buy your game, so make sure you put your best foot forward in your ad. The advertisement image must be 216x150 pixels. It has no trim line because it's not printed.

Here is an example.


The Game Backdrop image is used on your game page in the shop as a backdrop to give your page a little color and flair. This image can help set you apart from the other games in the shop.  In addition, it will be used in other full-screen advertisements we do for special promotions. Generally, this image should not include your game's logo, as your logo or the name of your game will be dynamically mapped over the top of the image as appropriate. The image must be 1600x600 pixels. It does not include a trim line because it is not printed. We recommend that you upload a compressed JPEG to reduce load times for your customers.

NOTE: These templates include the overlay that we apply on the server so that you can test your alignment. However, you should definitely remove the overlay before uploading.

Here is an example.

User/Designer Logo

There are several places in the site where you may be asked to upload a logo (also called an avatar). Logos are always 300x300 pixels, and should generally be uploaded as a transparent PNG.

Here is an Example.

Game Logo

Game logos must contain the name of your game only (no other graphics or artwork) and measure 350 x 150 pixels, and should be uploaded as a transparent PNG. 

Here is an example.

Action Shots

The Shop Image screen also contains an Action Shots area for uploading images of your game being played. There isn't a dimension requirement for these, and you can upload as many as you want.

Here are some examples.

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