The Game Crafter offers a line of folios.  They are printed in full color and work great as a rules sheet for your game. Their simple construction makes them a cheaper option than other alternatives.

A folio folds open to reveal its inner panels and then folds down when it’s time to put the game back into the box. They come in 7 different sizes (Bridge, Medium, Mint Tin, Poker, Small, Square, and Tarot) and fit into our most popular packaging options.

When Designing your Folio, if making a horizontal design like the Bridge Folio above. Make sure to follow the template labeling of which page you are designing for. Then, before uploading, make sure to rotate your back image 180 degrees to ensure that the front and back are in the same orientation when printed.

The back template is an example of where your flipped back image sections will be when printed.

*Please note that folios will not have UV coating or linen texture applied, and are not compatible with dry erase markers.

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