Edit Game Parts

To add or edit parts in your game, you'll need to visit the My Games page and create or edit the game. Then follow these steps to add/edit unprinted parts to your game:

Click on the green "Add Stock Component" button on the right.

After clicking that button, you will be taken to the Parts screen. From here, you'll see any game parts that were previously added to your game and the quantity. In addition, you'll also see the "Add Stock Component" section which has our full catalog of game pieces and parts. 

Existing parts in your game will be displayed like this:

You can edit the quantity or delete existing parts at any time. If you update the quantity, our system will autosave the new amount.

If you want to add new parts, then scroll down on the page to add parts. Clicking on a game part will add it to your game with a quantity of 1. You can then set the quantity for how many you want in your game or delete them if you don't want that part. You can choose to search for game parts by keyword or sort them based on color, category, materials, and special types. Note: there is a blue "Load More Parts" button which will display more products of the same category. This is a feature to keep shopping fast and responsive.

Once you have added all of the parts you want in your game, double check to make sure the quantities are correct and then you can leave the page. The information will auto-save and your game will be updated with the new game pieces and parts.

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