Creating Game Mats

Game mats can be uploaded as a jpg or png, and each has a face image and a back image. All image files must have a resolution of 300 PPI/DPI, and all dimensions are in pixels. Game mat images must be sized exactly or the system will not accept the image files for use. There are  23 sizes of game mats available.

To add mats to a game, visit the Games page and edit the correct game, and click "Add Custom Component":

Next, click on "Mats":

Click on "+Add to Game" next to the mat you want.
   Drag and drop the front and back image files onto their corresponding upload boxes.  (Neoprene mats will only have a Face image.)   Once you have uploaded your images, click the "Proof All" button to start proofing your images.    If an image looks correct, click "Approve".

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