Game Sales

The My Sales screen shows sales statistics for your published games. To view your sales, log into the site and click on "Make", then  "Sales".

The My Sales screen lists your 50 most recent game sales, and provides data such as the dates of the sales, the game designer under which each sale took place, the title of the game sold, the profit made off each game, payment status, and shipping location. There is also a Stats area in the upper right corner of the screen that shows how much profit you have been paid by to date, and the total number of sales you have made.

The columns are (in order): Date, Designer Name, Game Title, Profit, Paid?, Refunded?, and Shipping Location.

Note: The Paid column indicates if the designer has been paid the profit from that sale it does not indicate if the customer has paid for the order. The Game Crafter pays out every Monday, but the designer won't receive payment for the sale until at least 30 days after the original sale. The Game Crafter holds back payment in case the customer cancels their order.

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