Publishing Waiting Period

In order to publish your game, you'll first need to purchase a copy.  You'll then need to wait 10 days from the date you place your order for your game to publish.  We've implemented this waiting period to encourage game designers to review the printed copies of their games for errors prior to publishing.  (For more information, you can visit our News feed post on the subject  here).  

You can see a tutorial on how to Publish your game here:

Once the 10 days are over, you can log into your TGC account, click on the "My Games" tab, click on "Edit" next to your game, then click on "Publish". 

We also have a standard waiting period of three days between ordering your first game and being able to place a second order.  After the three-day waiting period, the system will no longer show you as a first-time customer and will lift the restriction. 

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