If you have written rules or other documents to include with your game, you must convert the file to a .PDF file so that it can be uploaded to our website. All rule sheets and documents must be 8.5" x 11" (standard US letter size). Rule sheets are always printed in color and are two-sided, but they are not full bleed; there is a 0.25" margin around the outside edge.

To have a double-sided document in your game, the  . PDF file needs to include both pages in one file. If you load the pages separately, they will be printed separately and you will receive 2 pieces of paper.

The documents always flip along the long edge of the page.  It is also important to note that the pages will be folded multiple times to fit in the box.  For large boxes, this means the pages will be z-folded, and if necessary for the box size, folded in half again.  For smaller boxes (such as tuck boxes), there will be additional folds.

Every game needs rules, and sometimes it can be difficult to know how to format them or what they should include, but we're here to help. The templates below are formatted into two columns and include sample content that you can replace with your own.

Click here for document templates and product info

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