Going Green

TGC is concerned about the environment, and we're working hard to reduce our footprint.

What We Do

Unfortunately, one-off production is far less efficient than mass production. That actually adds to our footprint, but one-off production also has some advantages:

  • We produce only what people are going to use, so there is less waste if a particular game doesn't sell very well.
  • New products are designed to use nearly all of the raw material that is required to make it. (ie. using most of a sheet when making cards)
  • Excess toner is collected by the print presses and that toner is then given to the manufacturer for recycling. 
  • Our UV coating increases product durability and allows for longer use.
  • The chemical we use in UV coating products gets fully used up by the machinery and no waste is produced.
  • Any blank components that are left over from a game are kept and sold in our online shop, or donated to indie game designer events!
  • We produce everything in the United States, where we currently sell the majority of our games, so there's less pollution involved in shipping.
  • We buy game parts from U.S. manufacturers that actually make those parts locally wherever possible.
  • We recycle all of our paper waste. Anything paper/cardstock/cardboard/etc. that can be recycled, is recycled.

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