Getting Started

Getting started takes three simple steps:

Step 1: Create

First you must create your game! We've made this as easy as can be. New users should read our designer tipsread our FAQ for Beginners, and listen to our special podcast for new game designers. Then you will know enough to download our free templates and start creating the things in your game. If you get stuck, the fastest way to get help is to ask our community of experts in chat. Otherwise, you can contact support on any page by clicking the green "Support" button.

Step 2: Upload

After you've created your game components, you can upload your game using our  simple wizard-based interface. We even provide you with all the pawns, dice, play money, and other game pieces you need to flesh out your game!

Step 3: Print

Congratulations! You have built your game in our  game editor and now you can buy as many copies as you'd like. By default, all games are private and the public cannot see or buy your game. If you want to allow friends and family to buy your game, you can edit your settings and allow people to view and buy your game if they know the private URL of your game. You can find your games URL by hitting the "View in shop" button then copying the URL provided on that page.

Step 4: Sell (optional)

After uploading your game, our site will tell you exactly how much it costs to manufacture the game. You can buy copies at that price, but you can also set a price that visitors will pay. We split the profit of each sale  70/30 (you get 70%), and you are compensated through royalty payments. If you want to sell your game to the public then you can Publish your game and sell them to a worldwide audience through our online shop.

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