UV Coating

UV coating is a special liquid that bonds to your game pieces via UV light. It protects your game from dirt, scratches, and moisture. It also makes your game pieces dry erase.  

If you enable UV coating, every printed item in your game will be UV coated except:

  • Booklets
  • Documents
  • Play Money
  • Score Pads
  • Neoprene mats
  • Etched, Printed dice
  • Printed Meeples
  • Six-Fold Game Board
  • Quad-Fold Game Board
  • Poker Booster Pack
  • Large Stout Box
  • Acrylic Shapes
  • Mint Tin
  • Poker Envelope

**Please note that any blank stock items that you add to the "Unprinted Parts" section of your game will not be UV coated.  

You can add UV coating to your game for $.10 per component sheet.  To do so, visit the  Edit Details screen in your game and enable UV coating under the Production section.  

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