Mix-N-Match Punchouts

We understand that ordering a full sheet of 80-200 punchouts may not be what you need for a single game. To help with this, we've made it so designers can use several different punchout shapes that share the same slug size in the same game and utilize a sheet better.  (Slugs are the smaller sections into which the sheet is cut.)

There are 3 punch out sizes to choose from:  small, medium and large. 

Small punchouts have a slug that is 3.25 x 5.25 x 0.065 in.  There are 10 slugs per sheet.

Medium punchouts have a slug that is 4.5 x 8 x 0.065 in.  There are 4 slugs per sheet.

Large punchouts have a slug that is 10.5 x 8.25 x 0.065 in.  There are 2 slugs per sheet

In the Stats section of any punchout, you can see how many of that item comes on a single slug.

You may mix and match freely within those sizes. For example, you can mix and match large square chits and small standees because they both fit on the small punchout slug. And, large hex tiles and medium hex tiles both fit on the large punchout slug. But you cannot mix a medium hex tile and a small standee, because they use different sizes of punchout slugs.

From any punchout product page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Stats section and click on the "What mix-n-matches with this?" button.  

This will bring up a list, which you can scroll through to see all of the other punchouts that can be mixed and matched with the product you've been viewing.  


Q: Can I buy a single sheet worth of punchouts and use that sheet in multiple games in a single order?

A: We are unable to divide a single sheet between several games in a single order.  When you order your game, we will use the number of sheets listed in the Cost Each section of your game.  You will pay by the full sheet per game copy, regardless of how many items you use from the sheet.  

Q: If I put "1" in the quantity section of a chit, will I get one slug or one sheet of that item?

A: If a component only has a quantity of 1, that means we will ship you one copy of that image/component (chit, card, etc...), and not a full sheet or full slug of that image/component. 

Q: Can I mix and match custom punchouts with standard punchout items?

A: If the slug size is the same, you can mix custom and standard punchouts on the same sheet.

Q: When I go to the Cost Each section, it shows a discount for the punchouts.  What is that?

A: Because we are using lasers to cut items, we are charging by the distance the laser moves in linear inches. Since we will only cut the items you order and leave the rest of the sheet uncut, we give a discount for the amount of cutting that is not needed.

Q: I see that you mention the slugs. How do I design a slug of punchouts?

A: You'll create a separate PNG or JPG file for each unique punchout front or back, and upload these images to your game.  Our system will then "stitch" these images together for printing on a slug when your game is ordered.

Q: Can I get steel cuts instead of laser cuts?

A: In orders that are 10 copies of a game or more, everything except custom punch outs, arrow chits, standees, rings, and bullseyes will be steel cut instead of laser cut.
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