How to Make and Order Custom Sticker Dice

Completely custom sticker dice are possible, and AWESOME, using The Game Crafter. 

Note: All of the custom Sticker dice work with our indented 19mm Dice.

Downloading the Template

To make custom sticker dice, you will first need to download the template for the stickers. The template is for a single sticker that will go on a single side of the die. 

**Note** Sticker dice are not preassembled.  You will receive blank dice and a sheet of stickers to put on the blank dice.

Custom Dice Sticker - Dice stickers are designed to work with our blank indented dice to create custom dice.

On the products page, you will see several format options for templates. Pick the format that works best with your editing program.

Making Your Die Face Images

Open the template directly into your image editing program.

When using our templates, you will want to keep the image elements within the blue dotted safe zone line. If any part of your image falls outside the blue dotted safe zone, it is not guaranteed to be included on the printed sticker.

You can watch a tutorial about how to design images using our templates here:

**Note** We highly recommend buying 1 copy of each item (per image), and verifying that the images look the way you want in print before ordering more items. (Because we have no minimum order requirements, you can order only one item if you wish.)

Loading Your Images Into a Game

First, you will need to create an account on our site or log into your account.

Even if you are only ordering one custom die, our system needs a "game" to load the images into.

Think of a "game" more like a basket where you tell our system what you want to be sent to you. What you add to that game does not need to be a full game--for example, you can just add one card, and we will send you that one card if you order that game.

You will click on "Make " at the top of the screen, then select  "Games."

There you will see the option to Create a Custom Game.

Clicking on the Create Game button after you name the game will take you to the edit area of the new game you've created.

You will see four main sections:

Make: This is where you will select components for your game and load your images.

Sell: This is where you will load images for your shop page, set the MSRP for the game, and publish your game for sale.

Test: This is where you can enter your game into an art test or sanity test.

Crowd Sale: This section is for filling out the information for submitting your game for a crowd sale.

To load the sticker dice images into your game, you will click on "Add component" button, search for Dice Sticker, and click on the "Add to Game" button  

Once you add the component you will see the following:

You can name the individual sticker, change the quantity for the sticker you are creating in the game and load images.

To add another image you will click the "Add Another" button at the bottom.

After you have loaded all the images for your stickers, you will need to proof the images you have loaded.

Click on the orange eye button below the image to see your image with the template over it.

All parts of your image should fit within the blue dotted safe zone.

If the image follows our template, you can click on the green "Approve" button. Then you will be taken to the next image that needs approval.

You can watch a tutorial about how to design images using our templates here:

Adding Dice to your game

Unlike our other custom dice options, you will need to manually add the indented dice you want in your game to your game.

To add or edit the indented dice in your game, you'll need to visit your Games page and edit your game. Then, follow these steps to add/edit parts to your game:

Click on the green "Add Stock Component" button.

After clicking the "Add Stock Component" button, you will reach the Parts screen. 

From here, you'll see any game parts that were previously added to your game and the quantity. In addition, you'll see the "Add Parts" section which has our full catalog of game pieces and parts.  

Existing parts in your game will be displayed like this: 

You can edit the quantity or delete existing parts at any time. If you update the quantity, the system will autosave the new amount. 

You will search for Indented Dice using the search bar.  Click on the green "+ Add to Game" for a part to add it to your game.

You can then change the quantity to how many you want to include in your game, or delete them if you don't want that part. You can choose to search for game parts by keyword or sort them based on color, category, materials, and special types.

Once you have added all of the parts you want in your game, double check to make sure the quantities are correct, and then you can leave the page. The information will auto-save, and your game will be updated with the new game pieces and parts. 

Ordering your Dice

You can learn about placing your first order, as well as issues new designers often encounter, here:

You can watch a tutorial about how to order your game here:

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