Game Stats

The My Stats screen allows all of your games' statistics in one place, such as the number of sales, page views and so on. To view your stats, you must be logged into the site. Then click on the "My Games" tab under Make Games in the navigation menu. You will be presented with the following screen: 

The descriptions for each column are below:

Game: Clicking on the title of a game in the Game column will direct you to the game management screen.

Price: sale price of each game or the MSRP of the game

Cost: production cost of each game, this is how much the designer pays per copy under 10 copies

Profit: amount earned from the sale of each game when the game is published

Sales: number of completed sales for each game, this includes the orders the designer has placed

Nibbles: number of times a game was placed in a cart, but not purchased

Page Views: number of times a game was viewed in the shop

Published: whether or not the game has been published to the site for others to purchase

Note: Individual game statistics are available in the game management screen of each game. 

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