Accolades are a way to set your game apart from the rest in the shop. The more accolades you have the easier it is to find your game on the shop, and the more confidence that buyers will have when looking for games to buy. There are three types of accolades: Awards, Reviews, and Sales.

Award Accolades

Review Accolades

It should be noted that The Dice Tower no longer reviews games unless they are published by a traditional publisher, but there are many games on TGC that were reviewed before that rule went into effect. To have a review accolade added to your game, simply contact one of the Admins in Chat or e-mail the link to your review to  

Sales Accolades

Rather than use boring names like bronze, silver, and gold, we decided to name our sales accolades as nerd particles. (Let’s face it: if you’re using The Game Crafter, you’re probably a nerd.) We know we are.  Here's what each sales accolade means:  
Red Stone = 10 sales
Tiberium = 25 sales
Tachyon = 50 sales
Naquadah = 100 sales
Mithril = 250 sales
Unobtanium = 500 sales
Dilithium = 750 sales
Adamantium = 1,000 sales
We think this not only gives customers information about top selling games, but also gives our game designers goals they can set for themselves.
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