Our booklets are a great way to create a professional-looking set of rules for your game. They are saddle stitched, full color, and full bleed, and are available for just 20 cents per page.  (A 20-page booklet takes up the thickness of 4 cards in a box.) 

When adding pages to your booklet, you'll create an image for each individual page. This means the first page you load will be the cover, then the next page will be page 2.  If the booklet type you select has a maximum of 20 pages, then you will be able to load 20 individual images.

You will need to download a template for the booklet you wish to create from its product page:

After you have created the individual page images for your booklet using the template, you will add a booklet to your game under the Booklets section and click on the green "Edit" button to start the process.

You will then select the type of booklet you wish to make by clicking the "Edit" button for that booklet type.

Next, you will add a booklet to your game. 

After you click the add button, you will be able to edit the booklet quantity and name. Click on the green "Edit Pages" button to start adding pages to your booklet.

To load your images you have two options:

You can add a placeholder and load each page individually, or you can load up to 25 images at a time using the green bulk upload area.

If you load the images individually using placeholders, you will click the "add a placeholder" button, then click on the paperclip image to select the image to upload. The first page you load will be the cover of your booklet. Then each page after that will be listed in the order you upload them.

If you load your pages using the bulk upload area, then all of the images for the pages will upload at once. This means that you will need to change the Page Number field for each image you've uploaded to make sure the pages are in the correct order in your booklet. Pages will not be loaded in order by the name given to the page - they will be ordered  only by the page number defined on the site.

Note: Due to the nature of saddle stitching, you must design your booklet in sets of 4 pages. If the number of pages loaded into a booklet are not divisible by 4, then you will have blank pages in your booklet.

You can learn about placing your first order, as well as issues new designers often encounter, here:

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