How can I cancel my order?

An order can be canceled up until it enters production. Once an order status is listed as "In Production", it means that the order is currently being produced and can no longer be canceled.  

To cancel your order:

1)  Log into your TGC account (If you did not have an account at the time of your order, one would have been created for you, using your e-mail address as your password.  You can follow this process to set a password for your account)

2)  Find the  "Shopping"  section near the right of the screen, then select "Receipts" from the  list

3)  Click on your order number

4)  If your order has not yet entered production, you'll see the option to cancel on right-hand side of the screen

When your order is canceled, you'll receive a refund via either in-shop credit, or to your credit card for the total. In-shop credits will be automatically deducted at checkout when you place a new order.  

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