Marketing Your Game

First and foremost, TGC serves as your game manufacturer, distributor, and retailer. Beyond that, there are several other ways we help you sell more games.

As soon as your game is published we display it on the front page of the shop. Your game is also displayed in the "other games you may like" section on other product pages when it is similar.

What else can I do to promote my game?

Start by telling everyone you know about it. Tell them what it is, play it with them, and tell them where they can buy it. Start with friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc as they will be instantly interested your game, because they are interested in you. Consider using crafter points to purchase additional promotional opportunities on The Game Crafter site too!

Publish your game out on  Board Game Geek. They have millions of users, and if you're not already using that site, you should. You should be reviewing other games on the site, talking in their community, and maybe even purchasing ad space on their site to promote the sale of your game.

Buy copies of your games and send them out to people who review games. If your game is good they'll review it in their magazine, blog, newsletter, etc and drive buyers directly to your game.

Create a page on for your business and games. You can put links on them to the official TGC Wikipedia page ( and then also use your online store page for your game as a source to cite from.  (Note that Wikipedia admins often delete articles that are "not important enough"; having your article being well-cited will help.)

Attend game conventions in your area. You don't need a booth. Just register and demo your games in the board game area. If you can afford to, do get a booth as well, but it's not required. Bring extra copies of your game so you can sell them on the spot. That way people will take the game home with them, and the word will spread even further.

Your local game store is your friend. Most game stores will have a board game night where you can pitch your game. This works a lot like setting up in the game area at a convention, but on a smaller more intimate level. If you work with the game store in advance they may even promote you on their website letting people know in advance to come check you out. In addition, some game stores will either buy copies of your game to sell in their store, or sell your games on consignment. They'll do this because you're local, so when you go in, explain that you are local.

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