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Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement. Getting your game reviewed puts your game's name out there and amounts to free publicity. Reviews are also a great form of feedback for the designer but also helps increase consumer confidence so that people are willing to buy your game. If you're going to run a crowdfunding campaign for your board game, be sure you have several reviews from independent reviewers so that you can feature them on your campaign page.

Even positive reviews typically contain suggestions on how to improve the product. Pay attention to what people have to say about your game and make improvements based on that feedback. Reviews also attract others to your game by pointing out why your game is fun and worth playing. 

Below you'll find a list of reviewers that we recommend. These individuals have a great track record in the gaming community, loyal followers, and have reviewed other games from the TGC community in the past.

Board and Card Game Reviewers

Father Geek Board Game Reviewer

Father Geek
Cyrus Kirby at is a well known game reviewer who reviews games with his family. He is a friend and supporter of The Game Crafter and you can email him to setup a review.  Contact him

All Us Geeks Board Game Reviewer

All Us Geeks
A podcast about all the geeky goodness in the world. They discuss board games, movies, television, geek culture, and anything that comes to our hosts' and guest hosts' minds.  Contact them

Undead Viking Videos Board Game Reviewer

Undead Viking Videos
Lance Myxter (aka UndeadViking) has reviewed board games for almost a decade. He's known for his independent style, conversational approach and his weekly Google Hangout.   Contact him

The Cardboard Republic Board Game Reviewer

The Cardboard Republic
A tabletop gaming site catering in part to independent and self-published games, with an interest in bringing attention to games heading into crowdsourcing & production stages.  Contact them

On Board Games - Board Game Reviewer - A Dice Tower Network Podcast

On Board Games, a Dice Tower Network Podcast
Erik & Donald have hosted game related discussions and provided reviews since 2007. New/old games, Kickstarter projects, accessories, or anything game related is fair game for reviews.   Contact them

Dad's Gaming Addiction - Board Game Reviewer

Dad's Gaming Addiction
Likes intellectual and quirky games, but reviews all games.  Contact them

Unfiltered Gamer
Primarily focusing on working with Kickstarter board and card game campaigns, Unfiltered Gamer provides a wide variety of ways to attract viewers to your site/campaign. Blog posts, video reviews, live- play-testing and giveaways are just a few things this site has to offer.   Contact them

Board Game Quest
Board Game Quest has been reviewing board games since early 2013 and publishes new articles daily. We focus on providing our readers with in-depth reviews of tabletop games including photos, gameplay overviews, and our thoughts on the game experience.   Contact them

The Board Game Kaptain
Josh Kaplan, AKA The Board Game Kaptain, is known for reviewing games with his friends, doing top ten lists, and full game playthroughs as well as other videos on gaming and geek culture. The Board Game Kaptain has a long track record of reviewing and drawing attention to independent games.   Contact them

Are you an established game reviewer interested in reviewing the latest indie game titles from The Game Crafter community? If so, please contact us by clicking on the "contact" link in the upper right corner of this page. We can discuss a potential partnership where you become a TGC recommended reviewer with your name and logo added to this list.

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