70/30 Profit Split

When a game designer sells a copy of his/her game in The Game Crafter online shop, they keep 70% of the profit and The Game Crafter gets the other 30%. Read below to find out why The Game Crafter gets 30% of the profit. 

In the adventure/board game industry it is standard that the distributor of a game takes 30% of the game's sale price, and the retailer takes 40% of its price. That leaves the original game designer with only 30% left for profit.

By those numbers alone we've already beat the amount of profit you'd get in the industry. However, in the industry you must still get your game manufactured and market it out of your 30%. In addition, if you were to go to India or China you'd have to purchase 2,000 to 5,000 copies of your game at a minimum. And then you'd have to store those copies somewhere until you can sell them, if you can sell them. When you sell at The Game Crafter, you have neither of these risks.

At The Game Crafter, we take care of manufacturing, sales, and distribution and so we're able to give you a bigger piece of the pie. That's why we think a 70/30 split on the profit is fair.

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