Designer Rewards

Designer Rewards is a loyalty program offered by The Game Crafter to reward designers that either purchase or sell a lot of games. The more you have bought or sold over the past 12 months, the more rewards you get.

The rewards come in two forms. First is a manufacturing discount, similar to  bulk pricing, but it applies regardless of quantity, and even applies when someone is buying a game from you rather than you buying games yourself. Second is a royalty increase which is equal to your manufacturing discount. You can see both of these when editing one of your designers. Designer rewards are calculated every Monday.

Important note: Designer Rewards are earned/calculated for each designer profile independently. If you have multiple designer profiles in your TGC account, each designer will only receive the discount/royalty from their own sales and it is not cumulative across all of the designer profiles. 

Manufacturing Discount

The manufacturing discount applies to any games you purchase that were created by you, or any games you create that are purchased by other people. In effect, it allows you to buy copies of your games cheaper, and make more profit when you sell games to others.

This discount applies whether you buy one copy of your game or many. Your manufacturing discount automatically adjusts the bulk pricing discounts, so that the bottom end of the bulk pricing discounts start at your designer rewards discount and go up from there rather than starting at the normal manufacturing cost. 

Important note:  The manufacturing discount does not increase the maximum bulk discount on orders of 100 games or more. It is only applied on the lower quantities where it increases the discount from the standard rates.

Royalty Increase

The royalty increase allows you to take home more than the normal  70/30 split. You get your manufacturing discount added to your 70% up to a 15% increase, for a maximum royalty split of 85/15. This combined with your manufacturing discount effectively creates quite a bit of extra profit potential.

Potential Rewards

Your rewards are based upon how much total revenue* you created for The Game Crafter in the past 12 months, and is recalculated weekly. Though the rewards start out tiny (just 0.01% at $160) they can grow to be huge. Here are some example revenues vs the rewards they provide:

Revenue Manufacturing Discount Royalty Increase
$250 0.50% 0.50%
$500 0.98% 0.98%
$1,000 1.93% 1.93%
$2,500 4.58% 4.58%
$5,000 8.33% 8.33%
$7,500 11.25% 11.25%
$10,000 13.33% 13.33%
$15,000 15.00% 15.00%

*Revenue is your purchases of your own games plus sales of your games to other people. So if you buy 5 copies of your game at $20 each, and sell 5 copies of your game at $30 each your revenue is $20 x 5 + $30 x 5, or $250.

An Example Game

Let's say you had a game which has a manufacturing cost of $20 and you sell it for $30. Normally the profit would be $10 per game, $7 to you and $3 to The Game Crafter. 

Now if you have $2,500 worth of sales and purchases over the past 12 months, you would get a 4.58% manufacturing discount, or $0.92, bringing the manufacturing cost of the game down to $19.08. This brings the profit per game to $10.92. In addition, you'd get the same 4.58% as a royalty increase, bringing your royalty up to 74.58%. That brings your share of the profits up to $8.14, or $1.14 more per game sold. That may not seem like a lot, but it is when you consider that you don't have the risk of holding any inventory and your games are all manufactured on demand!

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