Getting Paid

You'll receive payment approximately 30 days after your sale. We pay out every Monday, but you won't receive payment for your sales until at least 30 days after the original sale. We hold back payment in case the customer cancels their order.  Please note that if the order has not shipped within the 30 days (as in the case of a crowd sale or bulk order), the royalty payment won't be made until the order has been marked as shipped.

Note: Royalties can be paid via PayPal or TGC shop credit.  You can designate your preferred method of payment in the  Payout screen in your account.

If you wish to be paid via PayPal, please make sure you have a valid, active PayPal account that is able to accept payments, then enter your PayPal e-mail address.  If this information has not been filled out, your payment will default to in-shop credit.  If you've entered your e-mail address incorrectly or your PayPal account is not able to accept payments, you will not receive your payout.  Please be sure to double-check this before you select payout via PayPal.

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