How do royalties work?

How do royalties work?

You set the retail price of your game (applied when the game is sold to others through our site). The price minus the cost to manufacture equals the profit. So if your game costs $8.00 to make, and you set the price at $15.00 then the profit per game will be $7.00.

price - cost = profit

$15 - $8 = $7

The profit is split between you and The Game Crafter (70% for you and 30% for TGC).

(price - cost)*0.7 = 70/30

($15 - $8) * 0.7 = $4.90 for you ($2.10 for TGC)

Then all the sales of your game are tallied up at the end of 30 days and you get a royalty payment. The payment can be sent to you electronically via PayPal or you can choose to receive it as shop credit (you can designate your preferred method of payment in your  Designer Profile). So if you sold 10 copies of this game, your royalty payment would be $49.00.

((price - cost)*.0.7) * volume = royalty

(($15 - $8) * 0.7 ) * 10 = $49.00

*Please note that we will hold the payment for 30 days, in case there is a refund or issue with the order.  Royalty payments are made on Mondays.  

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