Can I get rush processing/shipping?

We currently offer an urgent queue for customers who need their order faster than our standard queue will allow.  At the end of the checkout process, just before you put in your payment information, simply choose that you’d like your order to be marked urgent.  Please note that this option will cost 100% of the cost of your order (not including shipping).  For example, if your order total is $25 before shipping, the total with your order marked "Urgent" would be $50 before shipping.  

You may be wondering how urgent the urgent queue is. Basically, the urgent queue puts your order ahead of everyone else’s order. It does not guarantee a specific ship date, just that we’ll work on your order right away. In most cases this means that we’ll produce your order the day you order it, or the day after.  We do offer overnight shipping options for orders shipping within the US, and shipping options that deliver in 1-3 business days for orders shipping outside of the US. 

*Please note that placing an urgent order will not change the 10-day publishing waiting period.*

Beyond the urgent queue, we process orders on a first in, first out basis.  At any time, you can find an estimate of how long it may take to produce your order at

If you're working with a deadline, please allow plenty of time for production and shipping, as delays can and do happen.  

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