Bulk Order Fulfillment

Bulk Order Fulfilment (BOF for short) is a service The Game Crafter provides to its customers at no additional cost that allows them to place a large order of games, get a full bulk pricing discount, and ship out those games to many different addresses.  Please note that games containing randomized card decks are not eligible for bulk order fulfillment.

BOF is especially useful if you're thinking of doing a crowd funding campaign. Through our bulk order fulfillment program, we can take the hassle out of mailing out all the games your customers ordered through your crowd funding campaign. You simply upload a spreadsheet of how many copies to send to which addresses, and we'll make the games and ship them out to all the locations for you. In addition, we'll even print your perks and rewards and ship those with the orders*. (*Note: There may be an additional fee for this. Contact support for more information.)

Bulk Order Fulfillment Success Stories:

Crowd funding isn't the only use for BOF, however. Some people use it for shipping out multiple copies to conventions, retailers, reviewers, and play testers. For example, if you've got some retailers who will carry your game, you'll ship a few copies to them, you'll ship a copy to 3 or 4 reviewers, and then another 50 copies to you for an upcoming convention. In this way, you're saving yourself money by getting a bulk discount on all those copies. You're also saving money and time by shipping copies directly to reviewers and retailers, rather than shipping them to you first and then reshipping them to those locations.  More information about the uses of BOF can be heard on The Official Game Crafter Podcast.

How can I see how much it will cost to ship my game internationally?

To best estimate the cost of shipping, we would recommend that you create and upload a test BOF spreadsheet, using addresses from throughout the US and internationally. This will allow you to see the shipping cost to various locations. Please note that you'll need to have a finished copy of your game (and have purchased a copy of the game) to accurately estimate the shipping cost. 

Which payment methods can I use for bulk order fulfillment?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and gift certificates as payment for bulk order fulfillments.  If you wish to use PayPal, please contact customer support. 

How long will it take to produce my bulk order fulfillment?

You can view the estimated ship date for our Bulk Production Queue at any time by visiting https://www.thegamecrafter.com/status

Which shipping method will be used?

Our system will automatically choose the least-expensive shipping method available for each recipient.  

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