Crafter Con

Crafter Con is our very own game design convention. The focus is on education to make you a better game designer and to help you meet other professionals in the industry. It features tracks of sessions, panels, and workshops with industry experts. Speakers include publishers, reviewers, podcasters, crowd funding experts, successful game designers, artists, writers, and distributors. In addition, there's also a separate room available (until Midnight) where you can playtest games if you're not interested in a particular seminar or workshop. 

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NOTE: Below you'll see archived information and recorded videos from previous Crafter Cons. Visit our Crafter Con website to buy badges and get information about this year's event. Scroll down to the see the previous sessions and click on the [watch on youtube] links.

Presenters from Crafter Con 2015

Steve Jackson - These days Steve is probably known best for Munchkin, but he's created and published many great titles such as GURPS, Ogre, and The Illuminati through his publishing company, Steve Jackson Games.

James Mathe - James owns a publishing house called Minion Games, runs a successful set of retail game shops called Games Universe, but is probably best known for his game design blog.

Alisha Volkman - Game designer and artist. She did the art for Parkies and designed Zambies, and owns Bouncing Bomb Games.

John Kovalic - World renowned artist of the comic strip Dork Tower, and of games such as Apples to Apples and Munchkin. 

Cyrus Kirby - Cyrus is better known as the game reviewer Father Geek. He reviews games from the perspective of kids, casual, and hardcore gamers.

Jeff King - Jeff hosts and produces several gaming-related podcasts including All Us Geeks, The Game of Crowdfunding, and The Official Game Crafter Podcast

Richard Bliss - He's a social media strategist, crowd funding expert, and brand visionary, and somehow he also finds the time to run one of the most successful crowd funding related podcasts Funding The Dream.

Adelheid Zimmerman - An accomplished artist and owner of Draupnir Press.

Alex Gianturco - A former defense attorney turned professional gamer and media mogul, he is now known best as the space tyrant The Mittani.

Dave Cook - Owner of Zipwhaa, Inc. Producers of Management Material and Heebie Jeebies.

Chris Leder - Designer of popular published games Roll For It and Train Maker as well as soon to be published City of Gears.

Jason Glover - Owner of Grey Gnome Games, with popular games such as Plague, Of Dungeons Deep and Train Maker.

Bob Maher, Jr. - World renowned Magic: The Gathering player, and President of ACD Distribution.

Matt Worden - A veteran game designer, best known for Jump Gate, and owner of Matt Worden Games

Peter Dast - A game design veteran and one of the Sanity Testers at The Game Crafter.

Steven Dast - A game design veteran and one of the Sanity Testers at The Game Crafter.

Tavis Parker - One of the founders of The Game Crafter and in charge of Community.

Jamie Vrbsky - One of the founders of The Game Crafter and in charge of Operations.

JT Smith - One of the founders of The Game Crafter and in charge of Technology.

Sessions from Crafter Con 2015


Writing Better Rules   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Steven Dast will teach you how to write rules that are more clear and more playable.

Peter Dast will explain what happens during the rules editing process. This will continue on from Steven's Writing Better Rules talk.

How To Live Your Dream   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Alex Gianturco, aka The Mittani, will share his inspiring tale of how he quit his day job as an attorney to become a professional gamer and build a media empire.

Composing Product Photos   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]

In this session, Tavis Parker from The Game Crafter will teach you how to compose high quality images to use as action shots for crowd funding, manuals, web sites and more.

Using BOFs for Kickstarters   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Jamie Vrbsky from The Game Crafter will give tips and advice about using a BOF for a Kickstarter even if you don't plan to fulfill your game through The Game Crafter.

The Future of The Game Crafter   [SORRY, YOU HAD TO BE THERE FOR THESE SECRETS]  :)
What does the future hold for The Game Crafter? JT Smith will share a little bit of the future with you. 

What To Expect From Distributors   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Dave Cook from Zipwhaa will share his experience of working with distributors as a small game publisher.


Kickstarter Panel   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Several crowd funding experts (including Richard Bliss of Funding the Dream Podcast, Jason Glover from Grey Gnome Games, James Mathe of Minion Games, and Jeff King of All Us Geeks) will answer your questions about running your own Kickstarter Campaigns.
Distribution 101   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Bob Maher, Jr. the President of ACD Distribution, will do a questions and answers session about getting your games into distribution.
Publishing Lessons Learned   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
After having worked with a publisher from Europe and a publisher from the United States for two of his designs, Matt Worden will share what he's learned.

Audience is everything for any creative endeavor. In this talk Cyrus Kirby from Father Geek will discuss finding an audience for your game. He'll talk how to define an audience, whether a game should try to be compelling to multiple audiences, and what it takes to target an audience.

Seeking Publishers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Having gotten 3 of his games published by 3 different publishers, few people would be better suited to discuss how to go about finding a publisher for your game than Chris Leder.


Jeff King from All Us Geeks will tell you how to go about promoting your game. What does it take to get on a Podcast? When should you send your game to reviewers? When should you start talking about your game and/or Kickstarter campaign?

Publisher Panel   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Several top publishers from the table top industry (including Steve Jackson from Steve Jackson Games, Jason Glover of Grey Gnome Games, and James Mathe from Minion Games) will sit on a panel to answer your questions about how to get your game in front of a publisher, how to set up meetings with publishers, and how not to put your foot in your mouth with publishers.
Reviewer Panel    [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Several top board game reviewers (including Cyrus Kirby from Father Geek and Jeff King from All Us Geeks will sit on a panel to answer your questions about how to get your game reviewed, and how to ensure a good review. 
The Future of Crowd Funding   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Richard Bliss (Funding the Dream Podcast) will enlighten us about the future of crowd funding as he sees it. 

The Official Game Crafter Podcast   [LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON LIBSYN]
JT & Jeff will do an episode of The Official Game Crafter Podcast live at the con!


Several artists (including John Kovalic from Dork Tower, Alisha Volkman of Bouncing Bomb Games, and Adelheid Zimmerman of Draupnir Press) will sit on our Artist Panel and will be able to answer your questions about getting great art for your games. 

Sessions from Crafter Con 2017

Intro to vectors with Inkscape and Illustrator   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Vectors allow you to achieve amazing things you can only dream of while pushing pixels in Photoshop. Adelheid Zimmerman (an expert with vector editing software having worked professionally in graphic design for over 10 years) will help you get started learning vector editing using Illustrator ($25/mo subscription) and Inkscape (free). 
Building a mathematical model for your game   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
JT Smith (the creator of The Game Crafter and the designer of The Captain is Dead) will lead you through a few models he's created, and do a hands-on exercise walking you through the steps of creating a mathematical model for a hypothetical game. 
Writing a comprehensible rule book   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Dustin Oakley (a sanity tester for The Game Crafter who has critiqued over 100 rulebooks, written a series for The Indie Game Report and does freelance consulting) will explain what it takes to write the best rules; rules that not only will pass a TGC Sanity Test but will even have your players thanking you. 
How games are sold at FLGS  [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
What should go on the box? What themes do well and what doesn’t? What’s a good length of play or number of players to sell at your store? Should you write your own rule book? What do retailers expect from Kickstarted games? All these questions and more will be answered by
Bryan Winter, the owner of the friendly local game store I'm Board (one of the most popular games stores in the midwest).
A Crash Course in Graphic Design for Game Designers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Patrick McNeil (a former Interactive Design professor, author of 6 books on web design and current UX Architect/Researcher) teaches this crash course in graphic design, which focuses on the fundamental principles of good graphic design and how to apply those in the world of game design. 
Component Studio Unleashed   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Presented by JT Smith, this session will show you how to get the most out of Component Studio from the guy who invented it.
Insider tips about publishers from Atlas Games   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Presented by Jessica Banks and Travis Winter of Atlas Games, you'll hear about how games are picked up by publishers, what they are looking for, and the kinds of deals you can expect. 
Sound advice for improving your audio   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Jeff King, a podcast producer, editor for several podcasts (including The Game Crafter Official Podcast) and professional voiceover talent,  will give you some tips on improving your audio without having to break the bank. He'll cover the different types of microphones, how to improve your recording environment, and some tricks in two digital audio workstations (DAW): Audacity (free) and Reaper (inexpensive), and the differences between the two.
Jeff will also cover improving your script reading and the requested topic of creating a podcast.

The Official Game Crafter Podcast: Live   [LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ON LIBSYN]
JT & Jeff will record an episode of The Official Game Crafter Podcast with a live studio audience, for only the second time in over 150 episodes. 

Sessions from Crafter Con 2018

Component.Studio Workshop
Learn how to use Component.Studio from JT Smith, the guy who invented it. In this session, we'll work together to create a new game from scratch in Component.Studio. 
What do retailers expect from Kickstarted games?   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Master retailer Bryan Winter (the owner of the friendly local game store I'm Board) will tell you what he expects from kickstarted games in order to add them to his retail shop. He'll discuss packaging, stretch goals, promotions, and more. 
Intellectual Property in Games   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Attorney Robert Lawler will give a short presentation on intellectual property law as it relates to board games, and then open up to questions. He's happy to discuss things like contracts with artists and writers, agreements with publishers for royalties, filing copyrights and trademarks, etc.
Defining Your Game   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
How do you explain your game to other people? How do you take the experience and make it easy to understand? What goes into a good elevator pitch? Learn the three key things publishers want to know, how to create a good elevator pitch, and tools to help you focus on what's important in your game by looking at GNS Theory (Gamist - Narrativist - Simulationist).

Jay Little is an award-winning game designer and passionate game enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience in the hobby gaming industry. In addition to designing his own games, Jay also teaches video and board game design for the University of Wisconsin - Stout.
The Survival Guide for Design   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Alisha Volkman (a game designer and artist who offers contract art via presents this guide on how to pick the best program for your needs when creating and handling your board game files. Learn the pros and cons of different types of programs, and the basic tools that you will need in these programs. Learn to read and understand different manufacturers' templates and how to use them, as well as information about sizes and formats for saving them.
Rulebook Pitfalls for Indie Designers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Presented by Dustin Oakley, an avid gamer since childhood who has been active in the game design, prototype, and The Game Crafter communities for the last few years.  Whether self-publishing, sending games to reviewers or publishers, or just playtesting, designers need to communicate their rules flawlessly. In this seminar you’ll see real world examples from indie games showing what to do and not to do when writing your rulebook.
Component.Studio with Your Projects
You can work on your projects in Component.Studio, and JT will answer your questions and help you work through building out your projects live. 

Sessions from Crafter Con 2019

The Complex Pickup & Deliver Game of Logistics   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Kirk Dennison is a game designer, game publisher and seasoned logistics consultant.  The Logistics of Tabletop Games is a polarizing “game” for sure - most gamers avoid playing it at all costs. But the costs of not playing the logistics “game” or even worse. - playing it wrong or poorly - can be very high. In this session, Kirk will share the ins and outs of and best practices for managing logistics of tabletop game projects.
Intellectual Property for Game Designers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Mike Wokasch is a father, intellectual property attorney, and game designer/publisher. Games and game design raise interesting issues about copyright, patents and trademarks. Mike will examine the intellectual property issues faced by game designers when they're designing, developing and attempting to license their board games.
Designing for Cost   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
JT Smith (co-designer of "The Captain Is Dead" and CEO of The Game Crafter) talks about how you can design your game to be more cost effective. He gives several examples of how this has been done in his own games on The Game Crafter and explains how often times this helps to streamline things and makes the game better.
Hobby Tabletop Industry by the Numbers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Milton Griepp, who has been in the geek culture business for over 40 years, will show you detailed numbers about what is selling and what isn't; how big the industry is; whether or not it is growing or shrinking; and a whole host of other information based upon intense research and interviews.  Knowing this information will be useful whether you are pitching a game to a publisher, or running a Kickstarter.
Make it Meaningful  [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Compelling games feature interesting choices and meaningful decisions -- those moments we re-visit, discuss, and think about even after the game is over. But how do you design that compelling experience?

Jay Little, an award-winning game designer and passionate game enthusiast who also teaches video and board game design for the University of Wisconsin - Stout, discusses what goes into decision making, and how players evaluate their options in a game setting. Understanding this decision making process can help make you a better player and a better game designer.
Appealing to Content Creators   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
The industry is full of games who deserve to have great content made about them. How do you get your game to stand out among the many that are marketed to content creators?

Cassie Friedman, a content creator who has been in the industry for over five years creating video reviews, overviews, and tutorials for the independent board game industry, discusses ways in which you can make your game as best appealing as possible to those in the content creation world.
Getting Off the Ground: Starting a Small Board Game Publisher
Keith Matejka explains what it took to start Thunderworks Games, a one-man publishing company. He shares the various challenges encountered as the company grew and the lessons learned along the way, including what to look for in new titles from outside designers. Keith is a game designer, game publisher, and avid gamer out of Madison, Wisconsin. His small board gaming publishing company, Thunderworks Games, was founded in 2013.
I Successfully Funded, Now What?   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Mike Wokasch is a father, intellectual property attorney, game designer/publisher, and a two-time TGC contest winner. He successfully Kickstarted his own game Starving Artists, which he also licensed to a publisher for a second print this last summer.  Here, he will talk about his experience as a first time publisher and creator bringing Starving Artists to his backers.

Sessions from Crafter Con 2021

Pitching To Publishers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Brett Myers and Nick Bentley talk about how to get in front of a board game publisher and how to get them to gain interest in your game. Brett and Nick are both published game designers.

Note: We had an issue with our camera for this first session and had to power cycle it a few times. During these times you can still hear the speakers but the screen will be black for 30-60 seconds.
Playtesters: Your Secret Weapon in a Changing Market   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Nicole Fende teaches how to find, recruit, and leverage playtesters beyond the usual suspects.  Nicole is the designer of the game Body Be Gone, founder of Tesseray Games, and has successfully coached small businesses for over a decade as The Numbers Whisperer®.
Games That Need More Than Brains   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Alex Yeager is an industry veteran who has worked at many amazing companies including MayFair Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Amigo Games.  Here, Alex will speak about using sound and tactile sensation in board games to make them stand out from the crowd. 
3D Printing For Game Design   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Ever wanted to make your own game components with a 3d printer? Dave Garacci, a game designer and member of The Game Crafter community since the very beginning, will talk about tricks and techniques he's used to do just that.
Starting a Game Publishing Biz:  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Thinking of starting your own publishing company for games? Nicole Fende will share her experiences launching Tesseray Games, the questions you should ask yourself, and the challenges you can expect.
Laser Cutting for Game Design   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Ever wanted to make your own game components with a laser cutter? Marcin Zarycki, a game designer and member of The Game Crafter community since the beginning, will talk about tricks and techniques he's used to do just that.
Concierge or Commission   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
In this talk, Alisha Volkman (professional Illustrator and Concierge at The Game Crafter) will go over the pros and cons of using Concierge through TGC and of commissioning an artist. She will cover what she does in Concierge, what she does as an artist, and which you should choose for your project.  
Component.Studio 2   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
JT (creator of The Game Crafter and Component.Studio) shares the new features of Component Studio 2 and shows you how to create a game with it. br>

Sessions from Crafter Con 2022

I Get My Own Card?! Innovative Strategies to Market Your Game
Jon Spike (game designer and former high school English teacher turned instructional technology coordinator and instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) shares some guerrilla marketing strategies that will set you apart from every other board and card game campaign out there. All of the strategies shared will be presented in low-cost or mid-cost methods to help differentiate for your current budget situation! 
Table For One: Building a Competitive "Paper-Based" AI
Arthur Franz IV (an avid game designer with over 22 years in learning and development professionally, and currently the U.S. Manufacturing Training Manager for Intralox)
explores the process of designing and developing a challenging "paper-based" AI opponent in a multi-player game. The goal is to provide players a challenging opponent in their solo game experience.      
Low Cost Resources   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Nicole Fende (the designer of the game Body Be Gone, founder of Tesseray Games, and successful coach of small businesses for over a decade as The Numbers Whisperer®) explains where to find free and low cost resources for your board game business. Royalty free graphics, lifetime software deals, small biz / entrepreneurial resources, and low cost solutions that won't break the bank.  
Project Management in Game development  [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Anton Goulko (amateur game developer, board game enthusiast and professional project manager) covers the basics of project management tools, techniques, best practices, and how they can apply to game development.  
Designing for Different Player Types and Needs   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Jon Spike explores different player style theories (such as the IPOT or Bartle Types) and how you can design for them with examples. It also covers topics such as designing for target audience, different player accommodations, and more.  
Working with Freelancers   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Nicole Fende teaches how to successfully find, hire, and work with freelancers. From illustrators to rules review, indie game designers often need to find outside help. She offers shortcuts, pitfalls, and top resources.  
From Protospiel to Kickstarter Success: The Story of Distilled 
Dave Beck (founder/owner of Paverson Games, Professor of Game Design and the Director of the University of Wisconsin-Stout School of Art & Design) walks through the evolution of Distilled, from an insomnia-inspired idea in Scotland, to a Wisconsinite's first protospiel (MN), to an international Kickstarter campaign. Topics will cover timelines, budgets, shoulda/woulda/coulda's, small business tips, and how both Component Studio and The Game Crafter were a key part of the process. 
Fan Made Games - Copyrights, Trademarks and Fair Use
Mike Wokasch (intellectual property attorney and published board game designer) explores the common intellectual property questions that arise when trying to use someone else's IP.  
Game Design Lessons Learned   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Seth Van Orden (a software designer who also designs and publishes tabletop games) provides a list of game design lessons that he shares with new game designers.  

Sessions from Crafter Con 2023

Pitch, Self-Publish, or Print-on-Demand - Considerations, Strategies, and Best Practices for Each
So you've got a design you believe the world should play... what's next? In this session, we'll discuss weighing the options of pitching to a publisher, self-publishing your game, or doing a print-on-demand model. With each approach, we'll explore the benefits, risks, challenges, and best practices. Audience ideas, questions, and experiences will be requested throughout, so come with all of the above!

Jon Spike is a former high school English teacher turned Instructional Technology Coordinator and instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He has designed many unique games for education and released Gamestormers, his first commercial board game, in March 2023. He teaches a course called Video Games and Learning for future game designers and teachers, and will be releasing his next game, Doomscroll, in 2025 
Prepping for the Playtest Quest  [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Learn how to manage your potential playtest adventurers experience from first contact to final feedback. Avoid common pitfalls to make the most of each playtest.

Nicole Fende, A.S.A. is the designer of the game Body Be Gone, founder of Tesseray Games, and has successfully coached small businesses for over a decade as The Numbers Whisperer®.        
Building Games by Hand - Tips and Tricks for Self-manufactured Games on Etsy and Kickstarter using TGC 
I've been building games by hand for years - Presented are my top tricks and tips to navigate the self-manufacturing route to selling games on Kickstarter, Craft Fairs, Tradeshows and even on Etsy, with emphasis of using The Game Crafter.

Chris Rossetti is an Accounting Professor at Binghamton University and Co-owner of Rampage Games LLC. He enjoys all things gaming, SCUBA diving, Lego building, Yo-Yo slinging and the occasion NHL Game! 
Game Design and Publishing: 21 Pro Tips and Shortcuts  
I’ve been a game retailer, worked as a game developer at a major publisher, licensed games for publication, kickstarted games, and designed 130+ games from idea to completion. These are my 21 best tips and tricks, distilled for you to learn and use.

Jonathan Leistiko is the primary creative force behind Invisible City Productions. Invisible City Productions launched in January of 2000 and released one free print-and-play game every month 'till December 2009. From February 2015 to July 2015, Jonathan released seven more free games. As of December 2020, Invisible City Productions has 121 free print-and-play games. Almost all of the free games released by Invisible City Productions were designed by Jonathan and are indexed on BoardGameGeek. In 2010, he co-published Inevitable, a dystopic board game set in a future not much bleaker than our own, along with Jeremy Bushnell. Inevitable is notable for being the first successful board game on Kickstarter (Oooh! Fancy!). 
Making a Random Pack of Character Cards using Component.Studio and TGC 
Using the magic combination of a complex spreadsheet,'s card designs, and TheGameCrafter's Random Card feature, this presentation will walk through two different examples of creating random card packs for sports simulation games. The same techniques could be used for RPGs, dungeon crawlers, and other types of games that could benefit from a unique-set-per-box approach on players, characters, monsters, etc.

Matt Worden is a Minnesota-based published game designer with one "game of the year" award and one successful Kickstarter campaign ... so far. He was an early adopter of both TheGameCrafter and Component.Studio, joining each early in their first years of operation. He has self-published 9 games through TGC over the past 12 years, with more on the way.  
Beat Rulebook Writer's Block with AI   [WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE]
Like most game designers I dread writing the rulebook. Learn how to use AI to create a first draft of your game rulebook. We'll cover AI prompts, how to iterate effectively, and how to edit your rough draft into a usable form.

Nicole Fende, A.S.A. is the designer of the game Body Be Gone, founder of Tesseray Games, and has successfully coached small businesses for over a decade as The Numbers Whisperer®.  
Pre-Press – Preparing your files for Long-run Printing 
From programs, printer requirements, and file creation, to the last steps like manufacturing proofs. The goal of this guide is to get your files to your printer with the fewest back and forth as possible, so you can print as quick as possible.

Alisha Volkman is a long time Illustrator and Graphic Designer in the board game world. She is also a published game designer both self published and with a publisher, with two personally successful kickstarters and a ton of successful kickstarters of her clients. She pride herself in being able to take her clients from an idea, to a printer as both their artist, graphic designer and consultant. 
AIn't Going Anywhere: AI, The Law and Game Design
Image and text generation tools (like Midjourney and ChatGPT) are all the rage. We will explore the legal unknowns of using these tools and why they will change the way we think about the game design process.

Mike Wokasch is an attorney and board game designer. He successfully Kickstarted and then licensed his game Starving Artists.  
Porting Board Games to Digital Platforms   
Are you thinking about commissioning (or undertaking) a port of your board game to a digital platform? Maybe you just want to know more about the process. Martin Grider will discuss all aspects of this kind of thing, including the questions you should be asking ( as you consider a digital port, as well as an overview of the possible platforms with consideration to their various advantages and drawbacks. Hopefully you, as a game designer (or potentially a game publisher) will take-away an enhanced understanding of software development, particularly as it applies to games. There will be plenty of time to pick Martin's brain with questions at the end of the session.

Martin Grider, an experienced software developer and board game designer, has worked on a handful of digital ports of board games to various platforms, including mobile, desktop, and the web. Martin releases his own games (including digital ports of his board games) at his game studio, He has been blogging about his process and game designs since 2007 at  

Other Activities at Crafter Con

We have a number of activities for all attendees of Crafter Con. 

  • Play your games with other game designers at our private game design tables.
  • Pick up free prototyping materials at our free prototyping table. It will contain thousands of free blank cards, tiles, boards, screens, pawns, dice, etc...
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