Here is a list of games that started out at The Game Crafter and went on to be published:

 Game Title
Flash Point: Fire Rescue           Kevin Lanzing   Indie Boards & Cards
Roll For It  Chris Leder   Calliope Games
SnapShouts  Meyer Swarzstein   Mattel Games
The Captain Is Dead  JT Smith & Joe Price   AEG
Ghosts Love Candy  Danny Devine                Steve Jackson Games
Booty  Alex Cobian              Mayfair Games
Trainmaker  Chris Leder    AEG (Prev Grey Gnome Games)
Resistor_             Nicole Kline & Anthony Amato      Level 99 Games
Ninja Camp  Adam Daulton    Action Phase Games
Robot Turtles  Dan Shapiro   ThinkFun
City of Gears  Chris Leder   Grey Fox Games
BrainSpin   Frank Abralind   Winning Moves
Jupiter Rescue  Mark & Christina Major            Twilight Creations
Alien Labrynth  Robert Huss    Foam Brain Games
Jötunn  Daniel Shroeder   The Flux Capacity
Farmageddon  Grant Rodiek   5th Street Games
Meteor  Mike Young   MayDay Games
Chimera Station  Mark & Christina Major   Tasty Minstrel Games
Boss Monster  Chris & Johnny O'Neal   Brotherwise Games
Time Barons  Jon Perry & Derek Yu   WizKids
Castle Defenders  Daniel Zaccaro   5th Street Games
Phantom  Xaiver Lardy   Ludonaute
Pixel Lincoln  Jason Tagmire   Game Salute
Space Mission (aka Jump Gate)           Matt Worden   Schmidt
Hero Brigade  Nicholas Yu   Game Salute
Magnum Opus  Ian Stedman   Game Salute
Noble Siege   JT Smith   The Flux Capacity
Bullfrogs   Keith Matejka   Thunderworks Games
Baldrick's Tomb   Ben Haskett   5th Street Games
Copper Country     Scott Diehl & David Lankton   CMX Games
Castle Dash  Trevor Clifford
Sun Moon & Stars  Eric Jome

Note: This list is a work-in-progress. Send a tweet to @thegamecrafter if your game has been published and should be added.

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