Artists and Illustrators

Alisha Volkman
Alisha is the artist behind many independent games. Alisha can do Illustration, Graphic Design, Pre-press for The Game Crafter and Long-Run Printers, she can also make custom punchouts for The Game Crafter. She can also help with uploading your files to The Game Crafter. She has been an artist her whole life and has experience from app games all the way to website design.  She likes to be an artist of all trades, working as an illustrator and often a graphic designer. She hopes to expand into animation in the near future.   Check out my portfolio

Jenny Eickbush
Jenny is a Kansas City illustrator with a theatrical flair! She started as an actress, winning a national award for performing in New York City. She applies this unique skillset to her game design: vitalizing characters with nuanced details, showing subtle narratives and emotions, and creating rich environments and costuming. Jenny is easy to work with, punctual, and professional. She strives to make games that are innovative, marketable, and beautiful. View examples of her work at

Katie Khau   
I am a designer and illustrator from Illinois with multiple board game projects under my belt. My specialty is vector illustrations but I also have experience doing graphic design, logo design and creating websites.   Check out my portfolio

Cecilia Hyland
Cecilia is an artist from Michigan. She started working on board game art in 2014 and have worked as the graphic designer and the artist for several games including:  Above SnakesOpen Market, All that Glistens,  Petals of WarHappy Food Friendsand Treble With Gators.  She can help you with just an image to add to your game or she can help with the entire project from boxes to rules. You can find more examples of her art in her portfolio.

Traci Van Wagoner 
Traci Van Wagoner is the creator of the wacky characters and illustrations for games like Rooster Race and Ninja Squirrels. She's been illustrating toys, games & books for over 20 years and specializes in fun characters and colorful scenes for family and children's games.  Check out my portfolio

Koyomi is an illustrator and board game designer from Hawai'i. She started off as an English teacher in Japan which sparked in her the desire to create cute and fun illustrations that bring games to life. Koyomi is a bit of a chameleon and loves challenging herself with new art styles. When she isn't working on her own projects, she enjoys helping out the board game design community by offering affordable and flexible rates for art.You can find examples of her art in her portfolio.
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