Our Customers

The Game Crafter works with board game designers around the world and has a community of over 187,000 users. In addition, we work with many of the top publishers in the board game industry. Here are some of the publishers we work with: 

Cryptozoic Entertainment
Looney Labs
Hasbro Gaming Lab
Calliope Games
Greater Than Games
Passport Game Studios
CheapAss Games
Gamelyn Games
SET Enterprises Inc
Asmadi Games
Brotherwise Games
MayDay Games
Minion Games
Game Salute
Victory Point Games
Eagle-Gryphon Games
R&R Games, Inc
Pencil First Games
Underbite Games
Academy Games
Painted Thumb Publishing
Grey Gnome Games
CSE Games
Atlas Games
TSR Games
North Star Games
Floodgate Games
Green Couch Games
Uproarious Games
Concrete Canoe Games
Albino Dragon

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