Curator is a special privilege amongst users of The Game Crafter. You can become a curator after becoming a valued member of the community. This happens through hanging out in chat and on the forums, and answering questions; or by participating in other community functions such as contests and submitting ideas. And we also consider whether you'd be a good curator if we induct you into the Hall of Fame.

The easiest way to see if someone is a curator is to see if their name is orange in the chat.


Chat - In our chat system, curators have moderator privileges, allowing them to deal with spammers and trolls.

Contests - Curators votes count twice as much as a normal user in  game design contests.

Game Taxonomy - Curators can add new categories to our taxonomy system.

Accolades - Curators can assign accolades to any game in our shop.

Ideas - Curators can curate the list of ideas in our ideas system.

Help - Curators can edit pages in our help system (what you are reading now).

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