The Game Crafter launched in July 2009 and the community has grown to over 187,000 users around the world. Every week we hear new stories from game designers who have successfully turned their ideas into real games. Your success stories make us happy and motivate our team to keep pushing the limits of print on demand board game manufacturing. We also think these testimonials can encourage other aspiring board game designers so we've included several below. 

Want to record your own testimonial? 

If you'd like to make your own video testimonial, you can record and upload it to a video sharing site like Youtube/Vimeo/etc. Use the #TheGameCrafter and  #TGCtestimonial hashtags wherever you post it! Next, contact us using the green "Get Support" button on the bottom right-hand corner of our site and include the link to the video. We could feature it on our news blog or social media channels! We'll also provide you with some crafter points. If you'd prefer to leave a written testimonial, you can do that by emailing Info@thegamecrafter.com.

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