Who is TGC for?

Indie Game Designers

The reality is that most games will never sell 10,000 units. Unfortunately, traditional production runs require you to buy 5,000 - 20,000 units to make production cheap enough to be profitable. At The Game Crafter (TGC), even if your game only sells one copy, you'll have made a profit! Try to beat that by negotiating with publishers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.

Professional Game Designers

Even if you are an established game developer, making prototypes for play-testing can be time-consuming and costly. Sometimes you can get short runs made by signing a manufacturing agreement, but there are usually many prototypes before you get to that point.

With TGC, you can make professional-looking prototypes of your game long before you decide if it is production quality. Think it won't be profitable in the traditional market? No problem, just sell it on thegamecrafter.com instead. Think it's going to be an instant hit? No problem, you haven't lost any creative control, trademarks, or copyrights by using TGC to publish your prototypes. And don't forget, The Game Crafter offers competitive pricing on larger print runs with bulk discounts. If your company is considering a Kickstarter, be sure to check out our Bulk Order Fulfillment program. We make things easy by producing your games, shipping them, and providing any customer service necessary.

Family Games

Perhaps you want to make a game just for your family. At TGC, you can order one copy or as many copies as you need, and you don't have to sell it in our store. Games for families are great gifts at weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and holidays. Imagine a trivia game about ex-girlfriends at the next bachelor party, or a card game about family ancestry, or a board game about reliving your childhood. The possibilities are endless!

Teachers and Educational Games

Learning is active, and what better way to engage students' minds than through a game!  Imagine how you could spruce up your lesson plan by building a game to teach your students the subject matter, or strengthen their test-taking skills by using a game for review. Many studies have shown that students retain what they learn better through social activities and games. The game you design can be used year after year to teach each new crop of students. If your game is good enough, other teachers around the globe may want to purchase copies as well.  Or, your students may want to purchase a copy to take home and play with their families. TGC makes all these things possible.

Your Dream Made Simple

  1. Make a game.
  2. Publish it.
  3. Earn fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, the reality of the tabletop game industry isn't so simple...

At TGC, you can start selling your game with only the push of a button. There are no up-front fees, no contractual obligations, no distributors, and you don't need a big publisher to decide your game will sell 10,000 units in the first year.

TGC is your dream made simple!

Why TGC? We've been in the game design/manufacturing industry for over 16 years and published many of our own titles. We've always specialized in small run games, but we did it only for ourselves. Over the years we've gotten hundreds of requests from other indie designers asking if we'd publish their games, and finally we realized that our process could be applied to games other than our own as well.

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