Crowd Funding

The Game Crafter can help you in many ways if you want to crowd fund your game through sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. 

Are You Ready To Crowd Fund?

Crowd Funding Promotion

If you agree to use our manufacturing and fulfillment services, we'll promote your game during your crowd funding campaign. Basically you agree to have us make your game, and we'll use our blog and social media channels to help promote your campaign. Read all the details in the manufacturing agreement (PDF).  After we have received a copy of your signed agreement, we'll contact you to discuss the details of promoting your campaign. Click here to see a list of over 110 campaigns that have participated in this program.

Bulk Pricing

We're able to offer bulk pricing discounts on your game starting at only 10 copies (5% discount). The discounts go up as your quantities increase. To see what we can do for you, click on the "Bulk Cost Each" link in the Edit screen for your game. 

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Through our bulk order fulfillment program we can take the hassle out of mailing out all the games your customers ordered through your crowd funding campaign. You simply upload a spreadsheet of how many copies to send to what addresses, and we'll make the games and ship them out to all the locations for you. In addition, we can even print your rewards, include custom pieces you send us, and ship it along with the orders.

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