Occasionally we like to run contests and giveaways for The Game Crafter community. These are not the same as our quarterly game design contests. Instead, these events are just fun ways that we can give away some prizes and show our appreciation to our awesome community!


The Game Crafter is hosting this new contest to celebrate having over 2,000 board game pieces, game accessories, and game upgrades in our shop! Watch the video below for a summary of the contest and then scroll down to get additional details.

Here's how it works:

We have 10 riddles on Rafflecopter and each riddle will have a clue (written or visual) about a specific board game piece, accessory, or upgrade in our shop. Your job is to solve the riddle, figure out where that item is in our shop, and then paste the full URL to the product in the answer field for each riddle. This is half riddle, half scavenger hunt! :)

Winners will be chosen randomly in the Rafflecopter app. The first winner will need to have a correct answer for the first riddle. The second winner will need to have a correct answer for the second riddle. The third winner will need to have a correct answer for the third riddle, and so on. Once 10 winners are picked, the 4 top prizes of $25 TGC shop credit + Doctor Esker's Notebook will be randomly given out to 4 winners and the other 6 winners will receive the runner up prize of $5 in TGC shop credit. In addition, they will also receive a copy of Doctor Esker’s Notebook as long as they have answered all 10 riddles correctly!

We’d like to thank David Dobson from Plankton Games for co-sponsoring this contest with us. He actually created the riddles for the contest and he is the designer of Doctor Esker’s Notebook. It’s a new kind of puzzle game that includes 73 cards and has 9 devious puzzles to solve.

The contest runs from March 6th @ 12pm ET to March 16th @ 12pm ET. Good Luck!

Visit the contest page to get started!

TURKEY DAY GIVEAWAY - ENDED December 4th at 12:30pm ET.

Congratulations to our winners:

Robert Hammond :: wins $50 TGC Shop Credit
Dewayne O'Brien :: wins $30 TGC Shop Credit
Jason Beane :: wins $15 TGC Shop Credit
Chris Rio :: wins Supersize Bag of Game Pieces
Lluis Scondes :: wins 1 Game Designer Ruler and $5 TGC Shop Credit
Mark Marine :: wins 1 Game Designer Ruler and $5 TGC Shop Credit
June Kang :: wins 1 Game Designer Ruler and $5 TGC Shop Credit

It's almost Thanksgiving in the USA and we wanted to host another giveaway to show how thankful we are for our awesome community of 200,000 board game designers and gamers. We have some great prizes lined up. Check out the video and the Rafflecopter contest widget below to earn entries into the contest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SUPERSIZE GIVEAWAY - ENDED October 11th at 12:30pm ET.  

Congratulations to our Winners:

Chad Martinell :: 
wins the Supersize bag of board game pieces!
Jessica Choat :: wins a $20 gift certificate to The Game Crafter
Dustin Hendrickson :: wins a $15 gift certificate to The Game Crafter
Chris Rio :: wins a $15 gift certificate to The Game Crafter

Watch the above video to learn about the contest!

We are celebrating a scientific breakthrough with the successful test of our new Enlarging Ray! We are really excited about our new ability to supersize things and we wanted to give away a supersize bag of board game pieces! Follow the directions below and you'll see how you can earn entries into the contest through Rafflecopter. The contest ended October 11th at 12:30pm ET

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