Supported File Types

Game designers are allowed to upload their artwork for most printed components in 2 file types:

  • PNG - The PNG format preserves colors better and yields a sharper output when compared with other formats. It is highly recommended and supported by nearly every image editing program on the planet. 
  • JPEG - JPEG is a compressed format that actually loses some of its data as you save it. This produces artifacts on the images and makes it a bad format for print. If you decide to use JPEG, be sure to save files at the lowest compression. This will reduce artifacts and increase print quality.

Our website will only accept RGB images. CMYK images will be rejected. However, for the closest color matching, we recommend that designers develop in CMYK and then convert their files to RGB before uploading them to our site.

We are able to accept PDF files only for documents.  They cannot be used for any other component type.

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