How to Make and Order Custom Engraved Dice

Completely custom engraved dice are possible, and AWESOME, using The Game Crafter. We offer custom wood dice.

Note: All of the custom dice we make right now are 16mm D6 (6-sided) dice.

Downloading the Template

To make custom dice, you will first need to download the template for the custom dice you want to make. The template is for a single side of the die. When making custom dice using our site, you will create and load an image for each face of the die individually.

Custom 16mm Wood D6- A 16mm wooden six-sided dice with your own custom faces.

On the products page, you will see several format options for templates. Pick the format that works best with your editing program.

Making Your Die Face Images

Open the template directly into your image editing program.

When using our templates, you will want to keep the engraving within the blue dotted safe zone line. If any part of your engraving falls outside the blue dotted safe zone, it is not guaranteed to be on the die face.

For etched dice, the images you use should be as simple and clear as possible. If the image you load has too much detail or blurry edges, the etching will not turn out well.

When making your images for custom etched dice, the images you load need to have the etched design/areas in pure black only. Colors other than black will not engrave, so make sure you use color #000000 to ensure proper engraving. 

Loading Your Images Into a Game

First, you will need to make an account on our site or log into your account.

Even if you are only ordering one custom die, our system needs a "game" to load the images into.

Think of a "game" more like a basket where you tell our system what you want to be sent to you. What you add to that game does not need to be a full game--you can just add one card, and we will send you that one card if you order that game.

You will click on "Make" at the top of the screen, then select "Games."

There you will see the option to Add a Game.

Clicking on the Create Game button will take you to the edit area of the new game you've created.  On the right-hand side of the screen in the Make tab, you'll see options to add components to your game.  You'll click on "Add Custom Component."

From the following screen, you'll click on "Parts" to see the available custom part options.

You'll click on "Engraved 16mm Wood D6," then click on the button on the upper left of the screen to add this part to your game.

Once you add the die to your game, you will see the following:

You can name the die, change the quantity for the die you are creating in the game, select which sides have art, and load images for those sides.

Next you will load your images into each side of the die.  Any side(s) for which you do not load an image will be blank.

Our process should result in side 1 being opposite side 6, side 2 being opposite side 4, and side 3 being opposite side 5. That said, we do not guarantee it.

If you are looking to make a regular D6 with all the pips except for the 6th side, you will need to make images for all sides of the die.

These dice come to us completely blank without any images or pips on them. This means that you will need to load images for all sides of the die into our system (even sides that will have pips).

Here is a resource where you can download images for the pip die sides, so that you do not have to create them yourself:

Clicking on the upload box will prompt you to load an image for that side. You will need to load an image into each side you want engraved. You should uncheck any sides from the "Which sides have art?" section that you wish to remain blank.

After you have loaded all the sides of your die, you will need to proof the images for the die.

Click on the orange eye button next to the image to see your image with the template over it.

All parts of your image should fit within the blue dotted safe zone.

If the image follows our template, you can click on the green "Approve" button. Then you will be taken to the next image that needs approval.

Ordering your Dice

You can learn about placing your first order, as well as issues new designers often encounter, here:

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