Christmas Shipping Deadline

Each year, customers ask us what the deadline is for placing orders and receiving them in time for Christmas. This isn't a simple question to answer because we aren't a regular retailer that just ships out boxes of completed product. Instead, we have to make products from scratch and there can be challenges that make it hard for us to guarantee a ship date. Which is why we don't ever offer a guaranteed delivery date.

However, for Christmas we try to offer a conservative deadline for when people should place their orders if they want them to arrive before Christmas. 

Christmas Shipping Deadline for 2019:

If you want to guarantee that you have your order before Christmas, it would be best to place your order no later than November 15th. If you are shipping internationally, place your order a week before that on November 8th to ensure time for shipping and customs. Our production queues always fill up this time of year because of the holidays and the game conventions in Nov/Dec. So get your orders in early and avoid stressful deadlines.

We will be working right up until Christmas to get orders out the door. So if you place your order later than Nov 15th, it doesn’t mean you won’t get it. We’re just giving you a heads up to place your order early to be absolutely sure. And if you end up getting down to the wire, there’s always the urgent queue. Contact support if you need to upgrade your order to the urgent queue.

Note: Our employees will not be working December 25th due to the Christmas holiday. But we’ll be back to work on the 26th.

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