Long-Run Printers

If you're looking to print over 1000 copies of your game, then The Game Crafter will be more expensive to use than printers who are set up specifically to do long-run printing. These are a few of the printers we know in alphabetical order:

Name MOQ Printing Location Capabilities
Hero Time
1000 China printed components, game pieces
1000 USA printed components, fulfillment
Panda 1500 China printed components, game pieces, custom dice, custom miniatures
Shuffled Ink (aka QPC Games) 1000 USA (cards)
China (everything else)
printed components, game pieces

Please note that we are not trying to pressure you to use a service other than The Game Crafter. We are happy to produce your larger orders. We just want you to get the best price possible for your print run. That said, there are lots of great reasons to use The Game Crafter for your larger print runs:

  • Fast turn around time. Around 1 month rather than 3 to 6 months.
  • Easy. You have already used our service for your short-run prints, ordering more is couldn't be simpler.
  • Fulfillment. We not only manufacturer your game, but will ship it to each of your customers with no additional fees (besides shipping carrier costs).
  • Made in the USA. 100% of our game production is printed and assembled in the United States.
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