Creating A Coupon

Sometimes you may want to create coupon codes or discount codes for your guests, customers, or backers to use. Maybe they have a membership to your gaming club or convention, or maybe you like to provide discounts to military veterans or senior citizens. Whatever the reason, The Game Crafter has you covered.

*Note that coupons cannot be used for games that are already discounted due to a crowd sale, site-wide sale, Deal of the Day, etc.  

To start, first go to Make Games, and then click on Coupons. 

Then you will name your coupon, and click the "+ Create Coupon" button.

Editing a Coupon

You can change the name here:

You can add a description for your coupon:

You can enter a custom code, or use the pre-generated one. A custom code has to be a code that has not been used by you or any other user in the past. The only valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - and _.

  You can add games or design assets to this coupon by clicking the + button next to their names. If you wish to add a non-published game to this coupon, click the blue toggle button by the search box, labeled "Published". 

Once added, the games or assets will appear above, listed as "SKUs Included". Here you can see their MSRP, Cost and Cost With Coupon. 

Next, you can choose the type of discount, either a fixed dollar amount per item or a percentage of the item's cost. 

You can then set the percentage or dollar amount you want to apply. Note that you cannot discount an item beyond its production cost. If you try to discount an item past its cost, the discounted price will default to the production cost.

Your SKUs will then update to reflect this discount.

Next, you can set limits to how many times your coupon can be used. The maximum number of times a coupon may be used must be between 1 and 100000.

You'll use the "Limit Uses Per Customer" field to determine whether a customer is able to use the coupon more than once. 

You'll then set the expiration date for your coupon.  The default expiration date will be one year from the day the coupon was created.

Lastly, you can enable or disable your coupon at any time. Your coupon will automatically become disabled when the coupon has been used the maximum number of times or it reaches its expiration date. 

To use a coupon code, you will enter it at checkout in the "Coupon" field. Be sure to click the "Apply" button to apply the coupon to your cart. Currently, you can only use one coupon per order.

After creating a coupon, you can go back to the Coupons page and create a deal link or a sale link. 

A deal link is a link you can provide to customers that will automatically add all of the SKUs that are included in the coupon to the customer's cart and apply the coupon.  This way, the customer does not have to add the items to their cart separately and manually enter the coupon code.

To get the link, simply click on the "Get Deal Link" button, and the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

The link can be pasted into the address bar of a browser to automatically add the items and coupon to the cart:

A sale link is a link you can provide to customers that will take the customers to a page where they'll see all of the games that are eligible for the coupon,  and will automatically apply the coupon. This way, the customer can select which games they wish to purchase, but will not have to manually enter the coupon code in the cart.

To get the link, simply click on the "Get Sale Link" button, and the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard

The link can be pasted into the address bar of a browser so that the customer can view and select the games, then proceed to the checkout:

On your Coupons page, you'll be able to see the orders for which the coupon has been used under the Receipts section.  

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